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Hi you all, sorry about not blogging lately I am drowning in work, even though I could have blogged about a dozen topics that is on my mind ;) Although, here is an interview with me from The Norwegians Worldwide. Happy reading! :)

Vanessa started out with studying for a Masters Degree in IT in Brisbane, Australia for about 4.5 years. While she was doing assignments, she was many times daydreaming of making jewelry and other crafts, but pushed that thought away as she never thought it could come to pass, or at least could bring home an income. My ideology was that I was studying IT which after all was a "mature and respected" way to make money. Still, back then, the thought of working in a busy, corporate setting, made me nauseas. After finishing her studies and returning to Norway, Vanessa worked with IT in a pharmaceutical company for a while, but she was soon drawn back to her artistic calling. She started from scratch with her own business. One thing was for sure, I could not sit and wait for the world to change, I had to take some action, -that is what beliefs are all about. Faith without action is dead. Her inspiration comes from Heaven, earth, God, humans, nature, the arts, fashion, the fascination of love's healing power. The reason I started designing, was that it was always within me, a God given talent that I have carried all life inside of me.

She wants to put Norwegian design on the map. She chose the Norwegian Anthem "Ja Vi Elsker" as a theme for her designs. To be a designer who wants to follow their dreams in Norway can be quite shattering. In Norway, politicians are hardly involved in the fashion arena and are not likely to know who the designers are. I believe that fashion is politics. Nothing communicates better than fashion. I also choose the Norwegian design because of the tragedy on the 22nd of July 2011. After the terror attacks the Norwegian people - the Norwegians showed great love and support for one another, and on a normal basis we do not always feel that love, or at least rarely display it. So on that note, the Norwegian theme was picked out in order to remember to cheer for one another without having terror forcing us to. All the jewelry has uplifting and heaven inspired symbols like angel wings, crosses, hearts, but also in the Ja Vi Elsker Collection the flag, the moose and the rose (symbol for the 22.July).

The greatest peaks so far have been selling jewellery at Zenon Aker Brygge, discovering her specially designed earrings on Princess Martha-Louise on TV2's popular TV-show "Senkveld med Thomas & Harald", and being asked to sponsor Miss World Norway 2012 who was seen by 50 million people from China. Vanessa was also asked to contribute to Rihanna's official gift-table when she came for her concert in July, and again to be asked to be official jewelry sponsor for Miss Universe Norway, Miss Earth Norway and Miss Bikini Norway 2012.

Next up for Vanessa is designing bags, iPad covers, mobile covers and to write books besides two more jewellery collections. She has her own blog called and also designes jewellery to help an orphanage in Thailand which will be released later on; My dream is to leave a spiritual legacy of hope with what I do, building businesses, inspiring others and helping children and adults out of sex-trafficking, especially in Thailand and Cambodia. To bring hope and love to a place in need of restoration. My message is basically to take whatever talent you have and maximize it. Never live just for yourself, but for others. That is a sure way to happiness. For more info and how to buy Jewellery online, go to

By Maria Vang Ormhaug - Norwegians Worldwide

To read the interview on The Norwegians Worldwide site- go here:


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